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How to allocate the marketing budget – leaflets, events, customers? Shall we build a customers families around our business? Lets discuss it so that you can make sharper overview and easier decision making about your marketing investment efficiency.


Monday 1/2/2019, 1/9/2019, 1/16/2019, 1/22/2019

6 - 7:30 PM PTS



4 lessons

4 x  90 minute meetings



Learn & Practice Scheme

Group of 6 - 10 participants work on projects and homeworks




All study materials provided are in English language



Kamila Tislerova

LIGS University lecturer, Executive Director, Finosa, Ltd



1.190 USD

(Students of LIGS University have free admission for all courses.)

What we are going to do?

Let´s discover why the community marketing is so up-to date.



Make sure you have set the right vision for your business.



Let us show you the best examples from the real life practice.


Prepare case study within your online team and solve assigned task with your group.



Develope your own project and introduce us your solution.



Receive feedback from an expert, the course lecturer and from your colleagues.


Detailed Information about the Self Management Course

The course consists of 5 modules:

  • Positivity
  • Self-awareness
  • Stress management
  • Responsibility
  • Productivity

About the Lecturer

Kamila Tislerova

Executive Director, Finosa, Ltd

Kamila Tislerova is an executive director of the company Finosa, Ltd which is one of the wholesale companies in the Czech Tobacco Corporation, PLC, active within the field of an independent retail market. Kamila Tišlerová was engaged in marketing and business activities even in company Drinks Union, PLC where she held the post of marketing director until 2000.

In 2008-2013 she worked on the premises of following universities (The University of J. E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem and Technical University of Liberec) where she was engaged in theoretical studies of critical success factors of companies, studied marketing concepts and engaged herself in the management of relations with the customer. She is an author of many scholarly articles published in foreign journals, attends international scientific conferences and hosts at foreign universities (in Finland, Great Britain, and China). Read more about Kamila



Mary Novak

Marketing Freelancer

It was difficult for me to spend lot of money on marketing myself and I faced many difficulties in starting my own business.

I contacted Kamila for concultancy and she totally turned my mind – I started to build relationships more than business and the business came itself! Unbelievable. Great concept with great guidance by Kamila.


Peter Johnson

Marketing Director,
ABC Travel Agency

I've heard it hundred times the phrase: make advocates of your business from your customers… But how to do it in reality? – nowhere is explained.

Happy to met Kamila – focused not how to talk about it but how to realize it.

Register for a free webinar

On a regular basis, LIGS University organises free webinars on various topics from fields such as management, HR, and marketing. We would like to invite you for the upcoming webinar that will take place on August 6, 2018 from 4:30PM UTC. The topic will be "How to design your research (thesis)" and it will be led by Kamila Tislerova.

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