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Accreditation, Certification, and Partnership

Quality, contribution, care and assistance provided to students from all over the world are the core values of our university. Striving for constant innovation and improvement is of great importance to us. We want to showcase our unique approach to education through further certifications and accreditations.

What is the legal basis for the operation of LIGS University?

LIGS University is established and regulated by the State of Hawaii, USA law number 446E, as amended.

In 2004/5 this law regulated approximately 150 universities. According to the latest available data, such universities are now only 12, including LIGS University. The others did not meet the conditions given by the law and had to end their activities. Source: Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs of the State of Hawaii, USA.

Does LIGS University have to be accredited according to the law?

No, because it is regulated directly by the law.

It is not obligatory to get accreditations and it depends on the universities' decision whether they endeavor to earn them. However, accreditations and certifications are a sign of credibility and quality. It means that the university is advancing, developing and improving their programs, becoming more efficient, and focused on student welfare. LIGS University wants to be exceptional in the best possible ways.

Is LIGS University accredited?


Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC)

The LIGS University is accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). The University has earned Premier status with ASIC for its commendable areas of operation. ASIC accreditation helps students and parents make a more informed choice and will also help a school, college, university, training provider or distance education provider, demonstrate to the international student body that they are a high quality institution.


ASIC is recognised by UKVI in UK, is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) in USA and is listed in their International Directory, is a member of the BQF (British Quality Foundation) and are institutional members of EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network).

LIGS University ASIC Premier University Accreditation Certificate
LIGS University on the list of ASIC International Accredited Colleges Directory

Why have we set our sights on an accreditation recognized by the US Department of Education?

While obtaining a national or regional accreditation is not mandatory in the US, LIGS University will make every effort to bring the best possible education to its students. Obtaining an accreditation recognized by the US Department of Education brings added credibility through their standards, reliability in the global recognition of degrees, membership in a reputable international community, and a guarantee of continuous improvement and innovation.

Because of the differences between the US and the European education system, and in accordance with the Hawaiian law, this information is important especially for the US students: LIGS University is not accredited by an accreditation agency recognized by the US Department of Education (Note: In the United States, many licensing authorities are required to recognize eligibility for accredited titles. In some cases, accredited universities may not accept subjects or education gained at non-accredited universities. Also, some employers may require a state accredited title to acknowledge the eligibility for employment.).

We are delighted that students from all around the world, including those from the US, are studying at LIGS University. It confirms the high quality, excellent approach and service to our students, as evidenced by earning the international ASIC Premier University accreditation, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 29990:2010, and our quest for an accreditation recognized by the US Department of Education.

International ISO Certification (International Organization for Standardization)

LIGS University holds an ISO/IEC 27001 certificate, an internationally recognized standard defining requirement for the information security of management systems, mainly information security management of employees, processes, IT systems and company strategies. Additionally, it ensures compliance with current legislative requirements (especially the protection of personal data). ISO 27001 enforces the building of a solid information management system, provides greater security and reduces the risk of sensitive information leakage.

LIGS University also holds the ISO / IEC 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, emphasizing higher credibility through an internationally recognized audited certificate.


LIGS University also holds the ISO 29990:2010 certificate, which endorses the fact that we comply with, and continuously improve, the quality of our learning services to the full extent. 


Partners and memberships

The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii

The Chamber serves as ‘The Voice of Business’ at the Hawaii State Legislature and the county councils, and also as a liaison between the civilian and military communities in Hawaii. The Chamber’s principle functions include advocating on behalf of business interests and the business community; offering training and seminars key to helping businesses grow; providing networking and marketing opportunities; being a connection to Hawaii’s military and the latest on issues and trends affecting Hawaii’s business community. The Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii works on behalf of its members and the entire business community to improve the state’s economic climate and help businesses thrive. The Chamber is the leading center for business and is now 160 years old; it remains The Voice of Business in Hawaii.

To learn more about the Chamber visit its website here

The American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE)

The American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) is dedicated to the belief that lifelong learning contributes to human fulfillment and positive social change. It envisions a more humane world made possible by the various practices of our members in helping adults acquire the knowledge, skills, and values needed to lead productive and satisfying lives.

The mission of the AAACE is to provide leadership for the field of adult and continuing education. It does this by expanding opportunities for adult growth and development; unifying adult educators; fostering the development and dissemination of theory, research, information, and the best practices; promoting identity and standards for the profession; and advocating relevant public policy and social change initiatives.

You can find out more about AAACE by clicking here

Association for Educational Communications and Technology

AECT is a professional association of thousands of educators and others whose activities are directed toward improving instruction through technology.

The Association has become a major organization for those actively involved in the designing of teaching practices and uses a systematic approach to learning. It provides an international forum for the exchange and dissemination of ideas for its members and for target audiences; it is the national and international spokesperson for the improvement of instruction; and, it is the most recognized association of information concerning a wide range of instructional and educational technology. AECT is the oldest professional home for this field of interest and has continuously maintained a central position in the field, promoting high standards, both in scholarship and in practice.

You can learn more about AECT from their website

Quality International Study Abroad Network (QISAN)

LIGS University is an institutional member of Quality International Study Abroad Network (QISAN).

QISAN members demonstrate professional and ethical practice in recruitment and delivery of high quality and relevant programs of study. QISAN members must also demonstrate a caring and supportive attitude to students as well as having a strict code of discipline regarding attendance and education practices.


Executive Women International

Executive Women International is an organization that brings together key individuals from diverse businesses to enhance personal and professional development within its members.  Today, over 2,066 companies and 2,369 representatives are members of EWI in 65 chapters located in the main cities in the United States and Canada.

EWI is the premier organization for networking and leadership development for today's business professionals and their firms. Visit to find out more about EWI.

Accreditation FAQ

Is it possible to use the titles from LIGS University?
Yes. Our graduates receive a diploma from an American university (LIGS University), which they can legally use.

Is it possible for the titles to be recognized by the government of my own country?
LIGS University is an American university in compliance with the laws of the United States and the state of Hawaii (Certificate of Good Standing), where it resides, operates, and manages academic activities. It is not a university founded in compliance with the laws of other countries.

As a global online university, we do not have experience with the recognition in other countries (our students and graduates come from at least 75 countries), as the students need to manage that themselves (in compliance with the laws of their country). 

Our students at LIGS University study for their personal development, to improve their professional knowledge, to take advantage of an effective online education, and to become part of an international community. Their primary goal is not a recognized title in their country.

Recommendation: If your goal is to obtain a recognized title in your country, we cannot guarantee that and we recommend that you get informed at your local department of education before applying.  

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