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International Negotiation: Win–Win Game

We are pleased to invite you to our open webinar on the topic of International Negotiation: Win-Win Game, led by our Adjunct Professor Jan Hebnar.


The main objective of the webinar is to improve your understanding of the fundamental concepts of international negotiation and conflict management. In particular, improve their negotiation skills and tactics.

  • Identifying and negotiating solutions that are satisfactory to all involved.
  • Learn the difference between win-win and win-lose negotiation style.
  • Understand the dynamics of international negotiations and mediations, as well as factors that impinge on bargaining outcomes.
  • Develop skills to prepare for negotiations in a range of settings, while gaining insights into how to develop one’s own personal capacity to negotiate optimal outcomes.
  • Learn how to protect against dishonest negotiation strategies and tactics.


Date & Time 19th of August, 2019 at 16:00 UTC
Topic International Negotiation: Win-Win Game
Lecturer Jan Hebnar


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