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LIGS In Quarantine: 5 Tips to Enjoy Home Office

Just like the many of you, we found ourselves in quarantine. Working from home might present a challenge, but it won´t stop us from keeping to provide the best service and care to our students, lecturers, and applicants.  We share tips on how to be productive when you have to work from home and let you into our homes to see how we work during the quarantine. :)   

A few weeks ago, it was normal to spend some time in the morning commute to work, have coffee in the office, chat with the colleagues for a bit and sit behind your desk at the office. 

Today we have to find another routine. We bring you 5 tips on how to enjoy the home office. 



  • Stretch. Home office lures to work not only from your desk. Couch or bed seems so attractive too. These alternatives are not very healthy and can lead to back pain and stiffness. No matter where you work from, do not forget to take a regular break to stretch or do some yoga poses.
  • Program your brain. It is safe to say that we tend to procrastinate more when working from home. To take a break to make coffee, make some snacks, do the dishes...In the morning when you wake up, divide your day into percentages. For example, plan to dedicate 40% of your day to work, 40% to family and the rest to other duties and to yourself. The scientific research shows that programing your brain using numbers and percentages increases productivity and focus.
  • Take a walk. A short walk can help you to get rid of stress from isolation or the lack of privacy for work - especially when you are at home with kids. Take the time and go outside, stop for a minute, ease your mind and watch nature blooming. It will charge your energy necessary for great work performance. 
  • Organize the teamwork. Loss of contact with colleagues increases the risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding. There are many ways to avoid it, such as a shared file to track the progress of assignments and projects, or using professional platforms to do it for you. 
  • Use the power of music. It is incredible how music influences our mood. Turn on some energetic playlists, instrumental music that increases your ability to concentrate or some binaural beats that are specially made for productivity. There are many options at platforms such as Spotify or Youtube that will suit your work needs. 




Having a cozy workplace is important...


... and this one is very pet-friendly. :)


We also have supermoms among us. 



Our president stays productive at all times and lets no home office to stop him. 


How about you? Are you in quarantine? How are you handling it? Send us your picture at and share your story. 


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