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Public Webinar | HR Management Challenges

Join our free public online webinar and get a taste of our study programs. This month on the topic HR Management Challenges. 

See the video invitation to learn more about the webinar.  


The webinar provides an opportunity for practicing business skills in real world. It focuses on working effectively in human resource management through the understanding of the new challenges and trends of Employee empowerment and its role, to learn how to act as a consultant to help corporations with developing and implementing a high-performance work system. This course explores  the requirements of HR to help design and implement change so that all employees will be committed to the reengineered organization’s success.

The webinar will cover the following points:

  • Understand how to formulate strategies.

  • Labor force composition trends and technological developments how they affect HRM.

  • Areas HRM can support the goals of creating a high-performance work system and expanding internationally. 

  • Employee empowerment and its role. 

  • Ways HR professionals can support organizational strategies for quality, growth, and efficiency. 

  • How the nature of the employment relationship is changing. 

  • How the need for flexibility affects HRM.

Date & Time June 16th, 2020 at 6 PM UTC
Topic HR Management Challenges
Lecturer Amr Sukkar


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