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The Impact of Social Media on Consumer Behavior

In this day and age, brands have the opportunity to relate with the consumer through a smartphone and the expectations of consumers change. Brands have to not only think about how to improve the experience in digital channels but also how the digitization improves the experience in a shop.  


The focus will be on comparing traditional consumer behavior with consumer behavior in the world of social media. Insight will be provided on how companies use social media impact to build awareness and increase their sales. It is also important to analyze the profile of the new consumers, taking into account the significant influence of social media on their buying decisions.

The webinar will tackle the following important points:

  • The Purchase Decision Diagram
  • Ways that social media can impact customer purchase
  • Brand reach and influence through social media
  • Predictions about future consumer behavior

Join Ena Fejzagic in this amazing and informative webinar!

Date and Time

19th of June, at 17:00 UTC




The Impact of Social Media on Consumer Behavior

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