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Time Management

Join our Time Management webinar to have the chance to contemplate on your priorities and long-term goals and get practical tips and tools to achieve these goals. We will go through the rules of planning, time management, effective handling procrastination and other techniques that will help you not only to increase your efficiency but also optimize work-life balance.


We live in a hectic world, being overwhelmed by our daily duties. We decide what to do first, often according to the urgency and the pressure arising from the situation - not according to our long-term vision and our values.

The webinar will tackle the following points:


  • Where are you heading to? What is your professional/private vision? Start with the end in mind
  • Vision, decision-making and setting priorities 
  • “Urgent/Important” method for setting priorities
  • Methods of time planning – when and how to plan
  • Our own time thieves analysis 
  • Procrastination – what is it and how not to procrastinate
  • Tips for better work organization
  • Effective communication is a time management tool (how to shorten meetings, how to say “no” etc.)


Date & Time 21st of November, 2019 at 17:00 UTC
Topic Time Management
Lecturer Olga Lostakova


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