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LIGS University extends COVID-19 Scholarship until the end of August! 


The pandemic is fading down in most countries, which we should be very grateful for. However, it doesn´t mean that the consequences of the pandemic are over. We have to prepare for a new "post-Covid" world. You can be prepared for anything if you possess the right knowledge.

We want you to be prepared in advance for every challenge. Therefore, we are currently preparing new specializations for the post-COVID-19 world. Follow our newsletter for updates about the launch. 

We are preparing the following specializations:

  • MBA Crisis management in the contemporary environment
  • MBA Finance management in nowadays changing environment



We have 15 years of experience in online education that you can use now for the best price in history!


Our COVID-19 scholarship will significantly reduce the tuition for our programs to give the change to education to everybody who is ready to prepare for future challenges.

We will help you to advance your career even when the times are harder through high-quality managerial education.


Suddenly, we are finding ourselves in a revolutionary time when experts and education officials are debating distance learning as the traditional higher-education system is now facing significant uncertainties. Do not wait for the changes and prepare for what´s next in online education.

Since we have been a strictly online university for almost 15 years, with students and graduates from more than 60 countries, we can speak from experience that the internet and education combined are more than capable to give students vital skills and qualifications. The experience and quality of our programs make us leaders at the market of higher online education. 

You can start studying anytime from everywhere because our system of online education knows no boundaries.

Take advantage of our special COVID-19 scholarship and study online for the lowest price starting at 125 USD per month (!) so you can find out how an online education system works for you and how satisfied you are with our programs. 

MBA and MSc Tuition Installments With the Scholarship

Option Installments Amount

12 installments

1. - 6. $230
7. - 12. (quarterly) $890

24 installments

1. - 4. $125
5.-24. $320
Total tuition startin from $6,900 

DBA and Ph.D. Tuition Installments With the Scholarship

Option Installments Amount

12 installments

1. - 6. $290
7. - 12. (quarterly) $1,610

24 installments

1. $225
2. $250
3. $325
4. $400
5. - 24. $510
Total tuition $11,400 (standard tuition $13,900 - 17% OFF)

COVID-19 Scholarship offer is valid up to 31st of August 2020. 
For those who sacrifice the most for us, such as doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, etc., the offer is valid for 6 more months after the end of August.

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We would like to wish you and your loved ones health and following months without stress and worry. 

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