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Find out how digital solutions are changing the world of business, and how you can turn digital skills into a source of income.


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Digital Economy

The world of business as we know it is continually changing and one of the fundamental drivers of that change is digital transformation. At its core, digital transformation isn’t about disqualifying existing business systems, but instead, it promotes using the latest technologies to do what you already do - but better.

Today, the digital economy is reshaping the way managers make decisions, the way businesses are structured, and how consumers obtain services, information, and goods. It’s the future of management, and with our digital economy course, you can tap into this goldmine of managerial information easily, and effectively. It’s the secret shortcut that every business needs, no matter its scale or objectives.

Within this course, you’ll examine how digitization has changed the relationship between customers and suppliers, and how it became more effective and profitable, all in an exciting, intuitive manner from the comfort of your own home.


What will you learn? 

  • The main principles and concepts in the world of digital economy.
  • How digitization will reshape the future of the banking industry.
  • The effects of modern technologies on the insurance industry.
  • A future vision of the automotive and aerospace industry.
  • How the public health system was transformed using modern-day digital solutions.
  • The changes in education and how important of a role digital solutions play in it.
  • A closer examination of the present and future media and digital professional services.
  • The upcoming future of the fashion industry and the relationship between customers and suppliers.
  • How agriculture has changed due to the use of digital communication procedures.
  • Travel and leisure industries, and their utilization of digitalization.

Data Science

Data science has been deemed the fuel of the 21st century and the new driving force behind the largest industries, which they use to analyze their customers’ behavior, improve their performance and, as a result, grow to provide better products to their customers.

Even for normal people, away from businesses, data science teaches us valuable skills used in our day-to-day lives such as analysis of options, finding relationships between different happenings, extracting insights and testing hypotheses.

In addition to that, data science teaches us how to organize all the information at hand, weigh in our opportunities, and how to tag and store our information so we’ll be able to access it in the future. Without these data skills, the mass of information quickly becomes overwhelming and, quite frankly, useless.

Throughout our comprehensive, intuitive online course, you’ll get introduced to all the information you need to develop a solid understanding of programming and data science that enables you to meet the growing national and international need for highly qualified personnel in the fields of data science.


What's in it for you?

  • Develop a comprehensive, functional literacy and understanding of computer science, statistics, and data science, and the ability to critically select and apply appropriate methods and techniques to extract relevant and important information from data.
  • Interactive, at-home training that enables you to be ready to adapt to any changes and demands in your industry of choice.
  • Learn to actually understand the concepts behind data science, and how to make beneficial decisions at the right time and using the right methods.
  • Expand your repertoire to include computer science, data optimization, and statistical analysis to strengthen your skill-set, and make your offers irresistible to any business or client.
  • Get exposed to real-world problems and opportunities in the world of data science, including promising internships, building relationships with like-minded colleagues, and experimental learning.

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Why study an online MBA at LIGS University?

  • High quality of lecturers – we gather experts from various academic fields.
  • Student information system – all information at one place available from any kind of computer, tablet or mobile phone from all around the world.
  • International ASIC Premier University accreditation – a certification of quality and high standards of education at LIGS University.
  • Possibility to study with favourable installment plan - spread your tuition payment
  • Immediate benefit through combination with practice – knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable in your professional life.
  • Online library – books and study materials included in tuition.
  • Labor market competitiveness – graduating gets you a competitive advantage at the job market. 
  • MBA degree – prestigious and internationally accepted MBA degree and a diploma from an American LIGS University.

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