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Take your career to the next level and double your chance for success!

Managing studies and career both at the same time is no longer a problem. With flexible online classes, an intuitive online study system, and student advisors being available almost 24 / 7 it is possible! 

Getting 2 degrees at the same time

LIGS University was created by busy people for busy full-time working students. We offer to combine two-degree programs that will fit both, your career goals as well, as your interests. 

You can choose any combination of the MBA and Ph.D. programs. If you’d like to gain skills in management and do science research, you can. With LIGS University it is possible. 

The tuition for the dual degree program is adjusted individually for each student depending on the courses transferred from the MBA / MSc. program and also on the length of installment payments.

Standard Tuition


Lump-Sum Payment

18 months

30 months





What’s the average period of time to finish the studies 

There is an average period of 3 years within which the students are able to finish both of their programs. However we do support the individual needs of each student, so the final period is completely up to them. 

Is there any kind of funding available?

Yes, there is! We offer several options to fund your studies, either with scholarships or individual installments. It is possible to receive a $500 early admission scholarship plus deduct an additional $250 for 1 course transferred to the doctoral program. The maximum reduction is $1000 (Early Admission Scholarship+500 USD for course transfer) in total. Does this sound good? We think so!

If you’d like to know more about funding your tuition, check out our Scholarship programs

Are you not sure which two programs to choose from? Or would you like to combine two completely different programs? 

Let us know your preferences at One of our admission officers will get back to you asap and take care of the rest.

Set your own pace, preferences and start your studies today!

Do you need more information? Get in touch with us, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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