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Ethical Leadership specialization focuses on the implementation of long-term, sustainable and responsible conduct of business. ​


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Business Ethics

This course is focused on the global importance of ethical behavior. It applies ethical theory and practice to business management, by reviewing different ethical values, cultural environments and economic systems.

The course on Business Ethics emphasizes the moral and business principles that should be implemented consistently around the world and are designed to lay the groundwork for win-win business relationships. Since business ethics is built on personal ethics, the course will also focus on the psychological aspect of ethical leadership and coaching, including organizational barriers to coaching.

Course Content

  • Social interaction
  • Social behavior and social values
  • Cultural differences
  • Business failures
  • Business and managerial ethics
  • Unethical behavior

Corporate Social Responsibility

In this course, students will examine the nature of CSR, its strategic imperatives, applications in various contexts and its impact on traditional business processes and practices. As the nature of CSR is both crucial to apprehend and somewhat controversial, the course opens with a pointed effort to develop a cohesive definition of CSR and a framework for assessing its relevance to social well-being.

As CSR is an emerging topic in both research and practice; and as CSR is a multi-disciplinary, highly integrative function, the course places significant emphasis on measurements and metrics used to both deploy and evaluate socially responsible corporate performance.

Course Content

  • What is social responsibility?
  • Prominence of CSR
  • Corporate Governance and CSR
  • CSR for Leadership
  • Applications of CSR
  • Activating CSR
  • Evaluating CSR
  • Internal Standards for CSR
  • CSR in the Global Context
  • CSR for Not for Profits (NFP) and Non-government Organizations (NGO)
  • Measuring CSR performance in NFP and NGO

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