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Finance specialization deals with strategic planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of financial undertakings in an organization.


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Financial Management

This course provides insight on the subject of finance from the point of view of non-financial managers, which can be very well used not only in corporate financial management but also in management of personal finance. Students will deepen their knowledge also in the sophisticated area of corporate finance, strategic financial management, financial markets and investing. 

Upon completion, students will have comprehensive overview of the tools, methods and roles of financial management in a particular company as well as within the framework of business as a whole. They will master the tools of financial management and be able to use them in their professional practice.

Course Content

  • Corporate finance 
  • Methods for determining the market value of a company 
  • Financial planning and budgeting 
  • Management of the working capital
  • The financial system and the financial market 
  • Categories of financial market and segmentation 
  • Financial market instruments 
  • Securities 
  • International financial supervision  
  • The debt market 

Risk Management

The Risk Management Course introduces participants to the many different types of risk that an organization faces, as well as the concepts of managing financial and non-financial risks. Students will learn the methods of management, measurement, and control of these risks. The whole process of identification, analysis, response along with risk control and culture is addressed in the course of the class.

Students will become familiar with risk concepts such as applied to credit, liquidity and interest rate risk. Students will learn the importance of capital adequacy, with the nature and components of market risk, operational risk and credit analysis.

Course Content

  • Characteristics of a successful company 
  • Changes in a company and the risk – models of change in the company, change in the corporate strategy, change as a way to improve a company’s performance
  • Risk - definition, risk analysis, risk management, risk types 
  • Risk management – development, tools and procedures 
  • Reducing risk in the company - tools for reduction, methods of risk reduction 
  • Investment decisions and risk - financial analysis, liquidity, investment parameters 
  • Project financing and risk 
  • Portfolio analysis and cash-flow 
  • Legal risks - the conditions for validity of transactions and prevention 
  • Crisis Planning

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