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HR Management specialization provides a comprehensive overview of every HR process to guarantee employee and company satisfaction. ​


Interactive Online MBA HR Management program structure

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Planning and Development of HR

The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the process and specifics of Planning and Development of HR. Students will examine the process, goals and strategy for securing human resources, they will be able to identify the key resources in all areas of operations. The center of attention for HR Management is the most important factor for securing qualified and satisfied specialists and staff. 

Participants will learn to identify the training needs of employees and use the latest approaches in human resource development. Performance management completes the curriculum of the course. After completing the course the students will get comprehensive and current knowledge from the field.

Course Content

  • Induction, Training and Employee Development
  • Motivation as a general factor for development of HR
  • Learning of individuals and organizations
  • Performance management 
  • Team performance management
  • Recognition and reward system
  • Managing different personality types

Recruitment and Selection

The aim of this course is to provide students with a full understanding of recruitment and selection of new employees. 

Students will learn different types of job interviews and how they are put into practice. They will have a knowledge of the use of assessment centers for the selection of new employees, which includes psychological testing along with other methods. 

Upon completion, students will be able to establish procedures for finding, selecting and further developing the employees. 

They will be able to choose the appropriate method for individual parts of the process from the perspective of both employer and employee. They will also learn how to apply ethical approaches.

Course Content

  • The recruitment process as a part of the permanent responsibility of company management
  • Staff resources (external and internal), along with their advantages and disadvantages. How to select the appropriate staff resources that would most be suited for a given set of tasks
  • The methods of identifying and matching candidates for a specific job. Students will become acquainted with the form and content of typical procedures for addressing and selecting target groups
  • Students will become familiarized with the demands of the professionals who are tasked with carrying out the assessment of the candidates
  • An initial hire’s understanding of compliance requirement polices and expectations, along with an understanding of the rigors of employee training
  • Basic elements of ethics in the process of "staffing"

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