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HR Management specialization provides a comprehensive overview of every HR process to guarantee employee and company satisfaction. 


Interactive Online MSc HR Management program structure

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Management is one of the most important factors in a company. Course introduces concepts and management functions and practices. It covers the basic theories from the field of management. The goal is to learn the art of management and use it in practice. 

Attention will be focused on identifying and creating managerial skills that make allowances for the personality of the individual manager. The students are introduced to various styles of management and leadership as well as management structures. Change management is a vital part of every manager’s life today. Different change strategies and interests of stakeholder groups are presented to prepare for the inevitable process of change. 

Human Resources

Human capital is one of the most important components of every organization. 

The course focuses on recruitment and selection methods and procedures, and areas of adaptation and integration stages of HRM. The next part deals with appraising and rewarding performanc. The core stages of the HR process are concluded with issues of resignation, retirement and succession planning. The course deals also with working in teams, the pros and cons for making the teamwork effective. Students learn about different personality types and their interaction in a team. In the course the students will acquire theoretical and practical HR skills and processes that they will use in their practice. 

Planning and Development of HR

The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the process and specifics of Planning and Development of HR. 

Students will examine the process, goals and strategy for securing human resources, they will be able to identify the key resources in all areas of operations. The center of attention for HR Management is the most important factor for securing qualified and satisfied specialists and staff. Participants will learn to identify the training needs of employees and use the latest approaches in human resource development. Performance management completes the curriculum of the course. After completing the course the students will get comprehensive and current knowledge from the field.

Recruitment and Selection

The aim of this course is to provide students with a full understanding of recruitment and selection of new employees. 

Students will learn different types of job interviews and how they are put into practice. They will have a knowledge of the use of assessment centers for the selection of new employees, which includes psychological testing along with other methods. 

Upon completion, students will be able to establish procedures for finding, selecting and further developing the employees. 

They will be able to choose the appropriate method for individual parts of the process from the perspective of both employer and employee. They will also learn how to apply ethical approaches.


The goal of the course is to provide students with relevant skills that will help them achieve mastery in terms of effective communication,

It provides students with extensive information on different communication styles and practical information on how to present an effective message to representatives from each communication style. The course also deals with internal and external communication practices. 

Upon completion, students will gain insight to the theory of communication in an interesting and readily applicable form. The aim is to master the principles of effective communication by realizing how the communication process works and what factors affect the result of the process. 

Intercultural Communication

The importance of intercultural communication is increasing in the globalized environment. 

Students will be familiarized with the basic concepts and will be made aware of its importance. They will develop sensitivity for the perception of specific aspects of national cultures and become aware of one’s own identity in comparison with other national identities. Students will be able to use the acquired knowledge in the communication process in the international environment. They will respect cultural variations. The goal of this course is to provide the students with the theoretical and practical framework allowing them to analyze and acquire a deeper understanding of different cultures with whom they will interface.

Project Management

Projects are a part of everyday work for managers, entrepreneurs or specialists in any field of business. 

This course will provide the students with knowledge on how to get the desired result after managing projects. It introduces students to the basic concepts of project and process management. Another part of the course is dedicated to the Project Scope. 

An important determinant of a project’s success is the actual project team. Students are encouraged to take a closer look at the dynamics of project teams, the phases of building a team and team roles. Upon completion, the students will be prepared to handle projects in a realistic environment with all changes and risks involved.  

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