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Interactive Online PhD

100 % online Doctor of Philosophy

The 100% online PhD program at LIGS University will ensure that you are able to apply the knowledge and skills through your studies into practice immediately. The study schedule is adjusted to students with busy careers and it takes advantage of modern technology.

  • Don‘t wait until the semester begins, start to work on your development right now – The advantage of the 100% online PhD at LIGS University program is the possibility to enroll any time of the year. You decide the time, length and intensity of your studies, so you are able to combine your online PhD program with work, family, and hobbies.
  • Adjust the PhD to your needs, expectations, and interests – You can choose from many specializations and other subjects according to your interests and professional needs. The individual subject selection allows you to get better in fields, which are important for you. You do not study subjects just because the school requires it.
  • Gain the maximum from your online PhD  – You improve your knowledge by attending online webinars from various fields beyond the chosen subjects.
  • You are not alone – Even though the PhD program is 100% online, you have a personal study counselor at your disposal, which is there to help you during your studies.
  • Gain experience and knowledge from professionals – The lecturers at LIGS University are professionals who share their knowledge and experience, so you can gain a useful perspective on the studied field.
  • The length of the PhD program depends only on you – You set the pace of your studies. It depends only on how quickly you manage the PhD study and when you finish it.
  • Make your payment plan – The online PhD at LIGS University is affordable and you can divide the tuition up to eight installments payable anytime during your studies.
  • Dissertation – Applicants interested in studying the Interactive Online PhD program at LIGS University may choose from the scholarship topics of dissertation.
  • Stay involved even after you graduate – Free access to the Student information system and possibility to attend webinars even after completion of the program.
  • Scholarship – discover your options with the LIGS University Scholarships for the Doctoral Programs.

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Detailed information

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Why study for an online PhD at LIGS University?

  • High quality of lecturers – practical benefit of your studies
  • Student information system – all information is at one place available from any kind of computer, tablet or mobile phone from all around the world.
  • International ASIC Premier University accreditation – a certification of quality and high standard of study at LIGS University
  • Possibility to study with installment without a price increase – spread your tuition payment
  • Immediate benefit and combination with practice – knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable in your professional life
  • Online library – books and study materials included in tuition
  • Labor market competitiveness – study an online PhD program and gain the lead in the labor market
  • PhD degree – prestigious and internationally accepted PhD degree and diploma from American LIGS University

Structure of the program

Doctoral program Interactive online PhD comprises a total of 10 courses. Students complete 6 courses from the Scientific research module (uniform for all students), 2 courses of the specialization (of your choice) and 2 courses from the elective module (of your choice). Integral part of the program is the publication activity.

  • Management

    Strategic Management

  • Project Management

    Project Management
    Team Management

  • Finance

    Financial Management
    Risk Management

  • Marketing

    Global Marketing
    Marketing Communication

  • HR Management

    HR Management
    Planning and Development of Human Resources

I am interested in Interactive Online PhD

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Tuition of Interactive Online PhD

(24 installments in 2 years)
total tuition*

$ 412

$ 9 900

*The registration fee of $100 is not included in the tuition.





Would you like to set up your own installment plan? Do not hesitate to contact us at

Waive some of your tuition fees with a scholarship. Discover your options with the LIGS University Scholarships.

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Admissions requirements

  • Proficiency in the chosen language/languages of study (B1)
  • Master's degree

Before enrolling you in the program we need an electronic form of your:

  • CV
  • Photograph
  • Copy of a document proving the highest degree earned + transcript of records
  • Government issued ID



Where do LIGS University students and graduates work?

  • At middle and senior management positions
  • At firms of all sizes and as entrepreneurs all around the world
  • In the private and public sector



Do you have any questions? Contact us!

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Why choose LIGS University?

  • More than 10 years of experience
  • ASIC Premier University accreditation
  • High quality of professional lecturers
  • Possibility of tuition installment without a price increase
  • Online library with hundreds of specialized publications
  • High quality online Student Information System (SIS)

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Where do LIGS University students and graduates work?

Tuition of the Interactive Online PhD program

(24 installments in 2 years)
total tuition*

$ 412

$ 9 900 

*The registration fee of $100 is not included in the tuition.

Would you like to set up your own installment plan? Do not hesitate and contact us by e-mail on

Waive some of your tuition fees with a scholarship. Discover your options with the LIGS University Scholarships.

Included in the tuition:

  • electronic study materials,
  • access to the Student Information System including internet discussion group,
  • leading of tutor-supervisor of the dissertation thesis,
  • feedback from tutors,
  • electronic communication and consultations with tutors,
  • e-tests,
  • fee for the final exam.

Not included in the tuition:

  • one-time non-refundable registration fee of $ 100,
  • telecommunication fees and internet access fees.