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IT Management specialization focuses on developing and maintaining an organization's technology infrastructure and cybersecurity. ​


Interactive Online MBA IT Management program structure

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IT Strategy Planning

The aim of this course is to familiarize participants with the fundamentals of IT management planning and the value that it delivers to business.

The course is focused on particular aspects of IT management and assessment methodology as well as the effective planning process optimization in the IT field. Students also need to understand the framework for data protection as part of the IT strategy planning. The course focuses on the relationship between global and information strategy along with the phases of strategy formulation and implementation and ensuring data security in the implementation. It also explains major strategical IT issues and trends.


Course Content

  • Strategic goals 
  • Data, information (including Security issues) and knowledge and protection issues
  • Decision making processes
  • Classification of information
  • IS/IT strategy as part of a company’s strategy
  • Employee designation and formulation of strategy responsibilities
  • Understanding the role of a data protection officer
  • Structure and specification
  • IS/IT strategy phases and it’s implementation, along with common mistakes
  • Strategic analysis of Structure, Methodology, System integration, IS lifecycle, ERP concept, Cloud computing and securing data on the cloud

IT Project Management

This course delivers the universal methodology for quality management principles for the IT projects. The main issue is to present the basics of the concept known as Scope & Seek and Solve and Sustain. They are detailed phases with a systematic approach to quality management and its application in practice. Being a IT project management professional, it is not just able managing the project but in the current environment includes securing the data which also involves the concept of cybersecurity. 

By the end of the course students will have obtained knowledge of business related terms such as HLRA, SIPOC, CTQ, VOC, URS and Toolgate along with a review of their principles. They will also out-shine the industry with the knowledge of securing the system and getting it ready for future. 

After the completion of this course students will be aware of the main techniques and the approaches that each and every toolgate require for managing IT project quality, and also securing the data involves in the techniques and approaches. 

Course Content

  • Scope and Seek
  • Analysis and Conceptual Design
  • Detail and Development
  • Testing and Acceptance
  • Deployment 
  • Sustain

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