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2006 – 2021 A Fifteen Year Journey

LIGS University is an online graduate institution based in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Born in the heart of Central Europe - Prague, Czech Republic - in the aftermath of Communism, LIGS stands for the values of freedom: Leadership, Innovation, Growth and Success.

We are building a global university based on the principles of high quality education delivered by contemporary digital tools.

LIGS relocated from Prague to Hawaii in 2011 and began the journey from European to American educational systems.

It Started With a Dream

We believe in the emerging global family of learners and professionals who benefit from high quality, reasonably priced education look forward to welcoming those who join us on this journey to a bright future for our societies and our planet.

LIGS University began with the dream of helping busy students to improve and develop themselves, and to succeed in their professional and personal lives. The idea to start an online University was born in 2004, and the institution itself was founded in 2006 by the one and only Pavel Makovsky - current acting president of LIGS University. 

The main goal was to create a top educational platform that will work fully online. It would meet the needs and requirements of our busy students. With this solution, we save their valuable time. There is no need to go places or be present in a location. Thus they can study from anywhere in the world. They can learn online while working a full-time job or building their own business. 

“We wanted to create a unique educational environment, where we focus on the quality of the programs. Our students can use their new knowledge in practice.” - Pavel Makovsky

One of the first research we did showed that people want to educate themselves while working. However, most of them don't have enough time to partake in regular, present studies at university. That is why we decided to become absolute groundbreakers in online education. We took the issue of not having enough time to study while working. We looked at it from a different perspective and brought a revolution into distance learning.  We came up with a tailored solution for working students. The Study system that was born is intuitive. It's at the top of the market with online education. Our students have everything in one place. They can easily connect with their study advisors. All communication with their lecturers, supervisors of their dissertation, and their final exams happens here. They receive the best services provided by LIGS University faculty staff. That means one and the only thing for them - focus on their studies, work on themselves and achieve their goals.

Our education model is based on the interaction and sharing of knowledge and experience not only between students and faculty but also between students themselves.

A growing network of LIGS students, graduates and faculty experts is emerging as a real global learning community and mutual resource.

Our tutorial model integrates videos, chat, discussion board, interactive Webinars and other online communication tools to provide a unique education method for students who do not have access to higher education in their local communities or do not want to travel to school but still require high-quality, practical education.

100% Online

After beginning with a single MBA program, we have grown to a total of four
degree programs at masters and doctoral levels: MBA, MSc, DBA, and Ph.D.

All of our programs are dedicated to the business field and all are delivered 100% online.

Maintaining High Quality

Our reputation relies on offering high-quality education. We maintain high standards through:


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