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LIGS University

LIGS University is a modern university that combines practical methods and innovative approaches to the American and European system of education. The school came into existence as a result of a merger of what were the American LIGS University and the European LIGS University, both of which have had a long tradition of providing Interactive Online education.

The mission of LIGS University is to provide high-quality MBA, MSc, DBA and Ph.D. programs in multiple languages based on modern and efficient methods of education, which enable graduates to apply the acquired knowledge immediately into their professional life.

Thanks to having interactive online education, LIGS University can truly be international.  Students from all over the world are welcome to enroll in our programs! Moreover, the faculty is also an international one with lecturers coming from and living in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Asia. Come and join our international community!


Mission, vision and strategy


The mission of LIGS University is to provide high quality, affordable, and progressive education using innovative delivery technologies for diverse students all over the world.


The vision of LIGS University is to be a high-quality, innovative educational institute that provides services that significantly surpass the expectations of students, lecturers, and other stakeholders.

The vision of LIGS University is to commit to achieving the following goals:

  • Leadership – We're leaders in interactive online education.
  • Innovation – We have an innovative approach.
  • Growth – We support personal growth.
  • Success – We help students to succeed.


  • LIGS University retains a team of highly professional lecturers and staff. The university is dedicated to providing continuing education to improve their skill set and expand their qualifications.
  • LIGS University is a highly professional educational institute whose pedagogical and other services are provided at a level that far exceeds most people's expectations.
  • We offer an innovative approach, a positive attitude and outstanding services along with internal processes that are in agreement with our goals, vision, strategy and motto.
  • We will continue to offer new degree programs and expand the language options for our students.

President’s Message

Welcome to LIGS University!

LIGS University is a high quality progressive modern university. Our aim is to create a friendly environment for people who decide to work hard on their professional and personal development. Nothing makes us happier and more satisfied than our students, lecturers, and employees being proud to be a part of LIGS University.

I am very honored to be the President and founder of LIGS University. The University as it is today is the result of the dedication that called for lots of energy, diligence, and enthusiasm of students and graduates...

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Accreditation and Partners

LIGS University is a high quality international university. The school works hard on its development and growth. LIGS University is in compliance with the laws of the United States and the State of Hawaii. Moreover, the university gained the highest level of international accreditation, ASIC Premier University due to having commendable areas of operation. ASIC is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group. The university is also a member of many organizations and associations and is striving for additional relevant accreditations.

Board of Trustees LIGS University

The Board of Trustees is responsible for maintaining the quality, integrity, development and financial stability of LIGS University. The Board consists of professionals from various fields of expertise and is truly international. Therefore, it guarantees the sustainable development of both the university and its programs.

  • William Reed

    William Reed


    Former Dean of Graduate Programs, Senior Academic Professional, President/CEO/Owner at Reed & Associates, Coachdynamics LLC

  • Richard Jones

    Richard Jones

    Vice Chair

    Associate Professor, University of Hawaii – West Oahu

  • Gary D. Robinson

    Gary D. Robinson

    Vice Chair

    University Chief Academic Officer, Former Chair of the Doctor of Business Administration programs, Manager of Human Resources Initiatives, Vice-President controller, The Boeing Company

  • Sheila D. Fournier-Bonilla

    Sheila D. Fournier-Bonilla


    Vice President of Academic Operations, former universities Chief Academic Officer, Academic Program Director, Program Chair



LIGS University team

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