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About the Conference

LIGS University is proud to announce that we will hold the very first LIGS University First-Class Graduate Conference. 
The conference will take place on January 31st, 2022

About the Conference

The conference is dedicated primarily to our top graduates of Ph.D. and DBA programs, who aced their studies and their dissertation theses during the last two academic years. 

The aim of the conference is to appraise and promote their research, conclusions, and innovations, enhance their development even after graduation from LIGS University and, last but not least, to showcase the quality of the education and research provided by LIGS University. 


The conference will be broadcast online through the online meeting platform ZOOM, which means the participants can connect from anywhere in the world. The language of the conference is English.

Good technical equipment is necessary for the conference (functional camera, microphone, strong internet connection).

How to attend

If you are interested in attending our conference, please register via the registration form below.

Option to attend is not monetized, the conference tickets are free. 

You will receive the link to the event upon registration.

If you do not receive the link, please contact us via




Academic Committee

Academic Committee Chairperson 

PhDr. Peter Jan Kosmaly, Ph.D.

His interest in methodology began during his university studies 20 years ago; his first published study was on the forms and representations of the review with a new view – from the media anthropological perspective. He was among the first to describe the Nominalisation in the Slovak language. In his doctoral thesis, he analyzed and catalogued reception instructions in media reality. His works were presented at conferences or in scientific and professional journals. He is the author of educational texts on media communication and the basics of scientific research. In his academic practice, he gives lectures on methodology and communication; in his consultations, he deals with marketing analyses, strategies and quality. In his practice as a translator and proofreader, he utilizes his scientific knowledge in quality and precision.





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