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Are you interested in waving some of your tuition fees?

LIGS University is here to help you!

We offer various scholarships for new students, who can choose the suitable scholarship based on their preferences and needs. The scholarships may not be combined and the eligibility will be reviewed by the Admission Advisor.


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Early Admission Scholarship $500

Early Admission Scholarship is for applicants who submit all documents, get accepted and enroll to start studies within 2-weeks of making contact with LIGS University.

Expert Scholarship $1000

Expert Scholarship is for an applicant who has up to five years work experience plus degree; or an applicant who has up to 10 years work experience in field of study with or without a degree.

First Generation Scholarship $1000

First Generation Scholarship is for applicants who are the first in their family to attend graduate school and/or the for those who are first to obtain PhD or DBA Degree in their family.

Disability Scholarship $1000

Disability Scholarship is for an applicant who suffers from any form of disability.

Hardship Scholarship $500

Hardship Scholarship is for students who are experiencing some kind of financial hardship during their studies.

Special Scholarship $250 - $750

Special Scholarship is for an applicant who is fluent in several languages, or for a student who has interrupted his or her studies and is now ready to continue again, or for a student who belongs to an ethnic minority group.

Active Duty Scholarship $500

Any applicant currently serving in the armed forces.

Veteran Scholarship $1500

Veteran Scholarship is for an applicant who served in the armed forces and received honorable or general discharge.

Developing or Emerging Country Scholarship $500 - $2500

Developing or Emerging Country Scholarship is given to an applicant from a developing or emerging country.

Financial Need Scholarship $500

Financial Need Scholarship is for an applicant who demonstrates a desire to learn and has financial need for support.

Hawaii Resident Scholarship $500 - $1000

Hawaii Resident Scholarship is for an applicant who resides on any island in Hawaii. LIGS University is an online university based in Hawaii and we are very proud of our heritage. That is why we decided to go extra mile for the prospective students who are residents of Hawaii or live there part of the year by introducing the Scholarship Program for Hawaii Residents. The scholarship is applied to the tuition fee. The applicant is asked to provide personal statement on selected topic.

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Inspired Action Scholarship $500

This scholarship is for the applicant who is inspired to get started immediately and pays full tuition. Inspired Action Scholarship is meant for students who do not want to worry each month about their installment plan. If a student decides to pay the tuition in a lump sum right after the enrollment, the student will receive the scholarship towards the total cost of the tuition. In addition to a better tuition deal, this scholarship motivates students to finish their studies as they already paid their tuition. 

Master’s programs                Doctoral programs

Graduate Career Growth Scholarship $500

This scholarship is for the student who is motivated to complete his or her studies on time and complete some additional units to build his/her resume. Graduate Career Growth Scholarship  is for students who go above and beyond degree requirements. This scholarship motivates students to build their resumés in the course of their studies by gaining extra credit hours for activities beyond the regular curriculum. The scholarship will be applied toward remaining tuition fees before being disbursed to students.

Master’s programs                Doctoral programs


Scholarship Topics of Dissertation

New students interested in studying the doctoral programs at LIGS University may choose from the scholarship topics of dissertation, which are topics that are of interest to LIGS University. Applicants who select one of the scholarship topics are entitled to receive scholarship in the amount of up to 30% of the regular tuition fee. The selected topic can be processed by only two students at the same time. 

DBA                Ph.D.



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