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Are you interested in waving a part of your tuition fees?


We help you open the door to your future.


Everyone comes from different background. Regardless of the different location, careers, and achievements, every student of LIGS University came here to pursue a common goal - to study a degree program that will be truly beneficial to their career. LIGS University wants to make this goal as achievable as possible for those, who want to pursue their dreams but the only thing holding them back is financial restraints.

Studying at LIGS University is a significant investment of time and money that requires prior planning. The LIGS Scholarship program is here to inform you about the different financing and scholarship opportunities available.
Our goal is to offer a variety of solutions in order to find what best suits your profile and economic needs.

Although LIGS University does not provide fully-funded scholarships, we are eager to partially support those who are not able to reach their right to education because of financial difficulties. We will help everyone, who has a problem with financing education and for whom education is an obstacle because of finance, pay-gap or low income. We can develop a solid financial plan that will allow you to meet your professional goals or offer a special partial scholarship such as:


Early admission scholarship

Bonus scholarship for those, who complete their enrolment process within 2 weeks from initiating contact with LIGS University.


Hardship scholarship 

Special scholarship by individual agreement depending on financial or other difficulties such as:

  • Developing countries wage
  • Fiscal restrain
  • Handicap  
  • Gender pay-gap


Scholarship Topics of Dissertation

New students interested in studying the program at LIGS University may choose from the scholarship topics of dissertation. Applicants who select one of the scholarship topics are entitled to receive a scholarship of the regular tuition fee. The eligibility will be reviewed by the Admission Advisor and the Supervisor of the thesis.

List of Topics


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