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Boubakar Thiombiano, Ph.D. student at LIGS University

Interview with our Ph.D. student Boubakar Thiombiano, Permanent Secretariat for the Promotion of Microfinance and Officer in the Department of Studies, Statistics, Monitoring and Evaluation, Ministry of Economy, Finance and Development of Burkina Faso.

We value our students above everything else. We are proud of them and it is our goal to honor their investment in education and further development by bringing them the best education, care, and flexibility to successfully complete their studies.

Boubakar is a keen and hard-working student that has not missed a single webinar. He also participated in the international doctoral conference organized by LIGS University, in which he presented a proposal on the topic, "Financing of agriculture in Burkina Faso: risks and mitigation measures". We are proud of Boubakar and we wish him the best!

Aloha, could you please introduce yourself to our readers? Your area of expertise, background, experience, hobby, etc.?

My name is Thiombiano Boubakar from Burkina Faso. I work at the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Development of Burkina Faso since 2006. My primary qualifications are public finances, planning systems (Strategic Planning, Operational Planning, Budget Management), financial and management techniques, cost analysis (Activity Based Accounting), review and selection of projects, operational research, economic analysis and modeling, and coordination and management of development projects.

What do education and personal development mean to you?

For me, education and personal development mean the background acquisition of knowledge to be effective in all situations.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement/s in your career and life?

As my most significant achievements, I consider any moment when I use my knowledge to change the living conditions of the majority of the poor population.

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