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Meet the new LIGS Ambassadors!

We are truly honored to introduce you the new LIGS Ambassadors! LIGS Ambassadors are the faces of LIGS University. They all are excellent students and graduates who represent what is best at our university.

LIGS Ambassadors’ duty is to be seen and heard. That is why we will get in touch with them on a regular basis to bring you interviews, videos and articles, so stay tuned! LIGS Ambassadors will also serve as a contact point to those of you who would like to learn more about studying at LIGS University before enrolling. Would you like to contact one of the LIGS Ambassadors? Let us know and we will arrange that!

Curious to read more about our new LIGS Ambassadors? Simply click on each of them below.

Amr Sukkar

Company Founder/General Manager 
E.m.m (Egyptian Center for Medicine and Medical Devices)
Interactive Online PhD graduate

Anthonia Okpaegbe

Video & Movies Lead 
Airtel Networks Limited Nigeria
Interactive Online MBA graduate

Elvira Sarsenova

Teacher and CAS Coordinator 
Miras International school
Interactive Online PhD student

Francis Asong

Executive Director
Voice Ghana
Interactive Online PhD student

George W. Alexander

Retired Political science and History professor
Interactive Online PhD student

Gilbert Ng

Coaching Management Senior Trainer & Coach for Asia Market
Interactive Online DBA graduate

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