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Waive some of your tuition fees with a scholarship

Every one of you come from different backgrounds. Regardless of your different locations, careers, and achievements, you all came here to pursue a common goal. To be better. To study a degree program that will be truly beneficial to your career. To gain knowledge which will allow you to make an impact and improve your communities.

LIGS University wants to make your goal as achievable as possible. Having this in mind, we introduced LIGS University Scholarships for students, which includes:

  • Inspired Action Scholarship
  • Graduate Scholarship for Career Growth

What are the differences between the two?

Inspired Action Scholarship

Inspired Action Scholarship is meant for students who do not want to worry each month about their installment plan. If a student decides to pay the tuition in a lump sum right after the enrollment, the student will receive the scholarship towards the total cost of the tuition.

In addition to a better tuition deal, this scholarship motivates students to finish their studies as they already paid their tuition. No more dropping out in the middle of your studies!

Graduate Scholarship for Career Growth

Graduate Scholarship for Career Growth is for students who go above and beyond degree requirements. This scholarship motivates students to build their resumés in the course of their studies by gaining extra credit hours for activities beyond the regular curriculum. The scholarship will be applied toward remaining tuition fees before being disbursed to students.

Are you interested in the LIGS Scholarship Scheme? Choose your program!

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