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WEBINAR: How to Handle an Employment Layoff

Let us invite you for the upcoming free webinar, which is titled: "How to Handle an Employment Layoff". The webinar will be held on July 11, 2018, from 5 PM UTC.

This webinar will discuss tips about what to do if you are part of a company-wide layoff. Mary Despe, Lecturer in Human Resources at LIGS University, will share helpful strategies to consider as it relates to the job search and candidacy. Topics to be examined include pointers on how to talk about the layoff with prospective employers, recruiters, and others you meet during the interview and job search process. The webinar will also explore available tools and resources to help you during this time of transition and change.

What are the objectives of the webinar?

  • To understand the different types of employment layoffs and its impact on the interview and job search process for candidates.
  • To discuss different approaches of how to talk about a layoff as a candidate in the interview process.
  • To review opportunities for improvement of documents used in the job search, such as resumes`, CVs, and social media profiles.
  • To provide an overview of job search resources, tools, and advice helpful to those who have been impacted by a layoff.

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