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WEBINAR: Psychology for Managers

Leadership requires effective management of people and a clear understanding of human behavior and social processes. Leaders need to have a good understanding both of themselves and of those whom they will lead. Leaders need to know why people behave as they do in relation to their job, work group, and organization. This knowledge of individuals’ perceptions, attitudes, and behavior enables leaders to choose appropriate leadership styles and managerial practices to increase organization effectiveness and positive human outcomes.

Let us invite you for a free webinar “Psychology for Managers” which will be held on 25th April 2018 at 17.00 CET. The webinar will be led by a LIGS University lecturer Jason Johnson, JD/MBA. Please note, that participants must take the Myers/Briggs test before participating in the webinar.

THEME Psychology for Managers
WHEN 25th April 2018 at 17.00 CET
WHERE online
LECTURER Jason Johnson, JD/MBA

What are the objectives of the webinar?

  • Developing the behavioral skills you need to be a successful leader of yourself and others, including working in teams.
  • Understanding the main ideas relating to organizational behavior and their impact on creating a high-performing organization.
  • Understanding what leadership means and what is involved in becoming a successful leader in today’s business organizations.
  • Appreciating leadership skills as an essential complement to the technical skills you are learning in other courses.
  • Learning concepts and approaches that will enable you to analyze organizational problems and develop appropriate solutions.

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