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Scholarship topics of dissertation

Applicants interested in studying the Interactive Online DBA program at LIGS University may choose from the scholarship topics of dissertation, which are topics that are of interest to LIGS University. Applicants who select one of the following topics are entitled to receive a 30% discount on their tuition fee. The selected topic can be processed by only two students at the same time. 

Scholarship topics should focus on the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, China, Ecuador, Fiji, Guatemala, Philippines, Ghana, Honduras, Hong Kong, Chile, India, Ireland, Indonesia, South Africa, Cameroon, Mexico, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, New Zealand, Panama, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Singapore, Somalia, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Thaiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

The scholarship topics are as follows: 

Specialization Management

Topic: Entrepreneurship of women

  • research focused on local or global business conditions, political and economic business setting
  • research should be conducted through interviews, analysis of life and business history and experience
  • markets can be selected from the DISPLAYED offer


Specialization Marketing

Topic: Use of emotions in customer’s decision-making process

  • markets can be selected from the DISPLAYED offer
  • products: higher education online, video courses and training

Topic: Impact of competition on entering new markets (innovation, successful entry strategies, role of social media)

  • markets can be selected from the DISPLAYED offer
  • product: higher education online

Topic: Efficiency and effectiveness of the seller and buyer communication process via computer on selected market

  • markets can be selected from the DISPLAYED offer
  • product: higher education online

Topic: Reputation management on the internet and social media networks

  • project of building reputation management, analysis of options, selection of the most effective methods, etc., measure options in case of false information about the company or person on the Internet and social media 
  • strategic plan and practical steps
  • markets can be selected from the DISPLAYED offer

Topic: Situation of university online education in selected country

  • offer comparison, used marketing tools and their effectiveness, market segmentation, expectations of potential student, etc.
  • implementation plan proposal including the cost calculation for entering selected market with another online program
  • online communication marketing plan, communication on social media networks, etc.
  • markets can be selected from the DISPLAYED offer

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