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Strategic management specialization serves as a guide for the company to move in the desired direction.​


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Strategic Management

There can’t be a long-term success of any organization without a strategy. Since the conditions outside and inside an organization keep changing, the company’s strategy is also constantly changing over. 

The aim of this course is to provide students with an overview of the Strategic Management issues in different types of organizations in theory as well as on practical examples. 

Upon completion, students will have mastered the tools and procedures for strategic planning and management. 

Moreover, students will become familiar with methods of different strategic analyses using techniques to define goals, formulate the strategy, implement it and perform subsequent monitoring and control.

Course Content

  • Core principles of strategic management
  • Schools of strategy
  • Levels of strategy
  • Strategic management techniques and analyses 
  • Comparing the market
  • Implementation of a strategy
  • Strategic management in global and international scale
  • Strategic management in the public sector

Strategic Management of Sales

A truly professional Sales Manager needs to focus on the management of sales activities as well as development of the skills necessary for a sales person to be successful; because there are no naturally born sales people, the skills have to be learned. 

The objective of this course is to show students the roles and important functions of Sales Management in a company. 

Students will learn how to build and implement sales plans, how to manage sales, how to achieve the set sales targets, sales techniques, strategies of closing sales, prospecting and negotiation in sales. 

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create a strategic sales plan for a company and master selling skills.

Course Content

  • The sales process - setting goals, measuring and achieving target values
  • The importance of sales planning
  • Closing the sale 
  • Prospecting in sales – its importance for successful Sales Management
  • Break-Even Analysis in Sales
  • The Specifics of Leading a Sales Team

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