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Jiri Matej Bruna

Marketing Specialist, Economic Analyst, self-employed


I have to admit that studies at LIGS were not my first university experience and if I should compare, LIGS does not come out from the comparison with other schools bad at all. I particularly appreciated the quality of lecturers, as well as helpfulness, program organization, and communication with students. In my opinion, another useful tool for effective learning for me was the new information system, which was very easy to use. I chose the Interactive Online MSc. program, which I would not hesitate to recommend to potential applicants for its flexibility and study content of individual subjects. On the opposite side, less intensive personal contact with both fellow students and lecturers could be considered as a certain disadvantage or limitation of this program. In the case of student‘s personal interest, attending non-obligatory seminars and workshops can make up this deficiency.

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