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Martin Duchek

General Manager / CEO, AFSI Europe, s.r.o.


My primary idea of an MBA program was that I would dive into a study full of theory, meet arrogant people with MBA degrees, and not be able to manage my work activities and the benefit for my own professional practice will be minimal. The study at LIGS disproved my false expectations. 

I met a great LIGS team full of people, who enjoyed their jobs and a good group of “students" with whom we shared our professional experiences in various fields. The study was utterly focused on practice. Any learned topic was compared with practice. No pointless theories. The tutors were experts with strong professional experience, which increased the expertise of all the consultations and information I have always received. Naturally, everyone will take what he needs from the study. It is not possible to rely on the tutors to teach you everything. You need to want and support the study with your own attitude. I think that this combined study model at LIGS and the knowledge implementation in personal and professional practice helped me grow both in my personal and professional life.

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