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Monika Lacinova

Economic Analyst, Česká spořitelna, a.s.


LIGS University enriched me greatly. It is not just a phrase, but a real fact. A great benefit to me was the study system, which ‘forced‘ me to visit one of the biggest technical libraries frequently in order to get new information.

The study was enjoyable, fulfilling and helped me realize my potential, thus I would like to continue my studies in the Ph.D. program and become one of those who pass on knowledge to students. More and more I realize the fact that most of my colleagues with graduate degrees have zero experience in self-study and they are stuck with the knowledge they gained somewhere in the past. I've already written that I would recommend the programs at LIGS to most of my co-managers as compulsory. I am probably too strict, but I can see how society declines and something should be done about it. I know that alone I won't do much, but maybe there are more of us alike. J

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