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William Jacob Baidoo

Logistics Officer, Ghana Police Service


I want to make some comments concerning the ASIC Premier institution - LIGS University. I was enrolled as a Ph.D. Management student at the university, and since then, the faculty members, staff, and the study department have been very helpful to me.


The university is noted for academic rigor especially in regards to assignments and examination and is consistent with tuition and other fees. Since I joined the LIGS community in August 2016; there has not been any change of program cost, which was promised to be kept constant; though the global economy keeps on changing in respect of prices.


A lot of student support services prevail at the university, which includes answering of queries, providing the required guidance, coaching, mentoring students, and including proofreading. The student department always ensures that students derive satisfaction from their programs. Information and messages sent to students are accurate and contain a lot of understanding. Would you believe on one occasion I sent a message and within 5 minutes, just as I was about to close my account, feedback was received? This is great and uncommon in certain educational institutions.


I can honestly say that LIGS University is continuously advancing because of innovation, leadership style, as well as the rate at which it is growing, in addition to the successes it is achieving in online education; especially ranking. The institution could emerge as one of the best online universities in America and the Globe if WSCUC accreditation is eventually granted. Thank you very much for your attention.


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