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Anthony A. Koyzis

Professor, University of Nicosia in Cyprus


Professor Anthony A. Koyzis Ph.D. is from Cyprus. He teaches for the University of Nicosia Online in Cyprus; he also is a member of Planning Board of Admiralty University of Nigeria. Dr. Koyzis for over 25 years has served as a Professor and Division Chair at the University of Wisconsin, the Dean in Nebraska and the Founding Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies at Longwood University of Virginia. He was also the Rector and Provost at West Liberty- West Virginia University. He has been a full professor since 2000.

Dr. Koyzis has also taught at the University of Thessaly in Volos, Greece. He served as a member of Accreditation groups in Cyprus, Greece and the US.

Since 2013 Dr. Koyzis has been living and working in Cyprus as well as in the US and Nigeria.

Dr. Koyzis holds a BA in Economics and Political Science, an MA in International Development Studies and a Ph.D. in Leadership and Policy (The University of Iowa, USA)

Dr. Koyzis has taught at all levels, at the Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral levels. In particular, he has been teaching at the Doctoral level since 1993. He has taught at US Universities, UK Universities and for many European Universities. Dr. Koyzis has taught in the following areas: Leadership (Organizational Leadership, Educational Leadership, and Health Care Leadership). Management (Operations Management, Project Management, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, University Management), Organizational Studies (Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development, Human Resource Development and Leadership Coaching and Mentoring)

Dr. Koyzis has also been involved in facilitating the development of professional learning communities, the provision of continuous professional education for leaders in business, education, health and social care.

His research interests include ‘Studies in University Management’ African Leadership Development and Entrepreneurship in Nigeria and other African nations etc.


Dr. Koyzis is passionate about teaching and makes it a point to challenge his students to do their best. He continually provides his students with resources that enhance their learning, He is also available to both formally and informally interact with his students. Dr. Koyzis has been a University lecturer since 1990.

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