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Carlos Gonzalo

Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing


Carlos Gonzalo has a Ph.D. in Social Communication that he obtained from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and is the Chief Editor of

After obtaining a degree in Business Administration and a degree in History from the University of Barcelona in 2001, he began working at Planeta, a publishing house, as an editor of digital content. In 2002 he began his doctoral studies at the Faculty of librarianship in the Ph.D. course 'Information and Documentation in the Digital Age' at the University of Barcelona.

In 2005, while working in Dublin for, he obtained the Diploma in Advanced Studies (DEA) and worked as a Senior Information Analyst and Team Leader in Spanish until 2009. As a result of this experience as the chief of an international team of SEO analysts, he began to collaborate as a professor in the Master in Search Engines program at the University of Pompeu Fabra, where he teaches till this day.

In 2010, he began working as an e-communication consultant at the Atrevia agency, at the same time as he had begun the research period of his doctoral thesis on the visibility of digital content at Google. At this time, he automatized the capture of Google results during the elections held in Spain. After analyzing the behavior of the results pages, in 2015 he defended his doctoral thesis titled "Web Positioning and Information Dynamics in Search Engines: Proposals of Analysis and Comparative Study of Visibility of Digital Contents in the Case of Electoral Processes."

He is currently the academic director of the postgraduate program in 'SEO and Social Media for Communicators' at the Barcelona School of Management. He combines the teaching of communication and digital marketing with research in the Digidoc groups of Pompeu Fabra University and the Trademetrics Polytechnic University of Valencia.

His goal is to train digital marketing professionals in a data-intensive specialty and expose them to the great possibilities in today's world. 

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