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Henry Martinez Forero

Adjunct Professor of Global Marketing and CSR


He is an economist at the National University of Colombia with a Master´s degree in Business at the Stern School, which is a part of the University of New York, and a specialist in finance at CESA in Colombia. He is currently the CEO of MATRIX - SuRED Grupo Empresarial, Colombia's second largest financial transaction network. He has been the Vice President of ICETEX Entidad Financiera en Colombia, the CEO of Investors Banca de Inversión Ltda., the Director of Financial Risks of Lloyds TSB Colombia and a Trader in Merrill Lynch shares. Henry has conducted research in marketing, leadership, and finance, as well as written publications in academic and business journals in Colombia and Mexico. His goals are to train leaders, create companies and transform organizations, all based on fundamental principles such as Responsibility, Transparency, and Honesty.

He is currently the CEO of the MATRIX Group. They lead large companies with more than 10 million customers throughout Latin America, based on innovation in low-value financial transactions (less than USD 1,000) and seeking to channel them through the financial inclusion processes. He enjoys digital marketing, customer service, strategic planning, providing money transfer services, commerce payments, utility payments, e-commerce payments, and retail sales. He has been leading these activities since October 2014.


Up until June 2014, he was the Vice-President of the leading educational credit institution in Colombia called ICETEX. He was a leader in the company for five years, he transformed it into a financial institution that provided credit to more than 700,000 people in Colombia and Central America, under risk models and focused on the academic programs most required by the Latin American economies.

From August 2005 to August 2009, he was the General Manager of an investment bank called Investors Group Ltd. He led processes of transformation for more than 50 Latin American companies that spanned from Mexico to Argentina, perfecting methods not only in the financial sphere but also on leadership, corporate social responsibility, market research, marketing strategies and business channels.


Between February 2001 and August 2005, he led the risk management of Lloyds TSB Bank in Central America and Colombia. That brought him the great experience that entails the massification of savings and investment products in these markets.

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