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Kamila Tislerova

Executive Director, Finosa, Ltd


Kamila Tislerova is an executive director of the company Finosa, Ltd which is one of the wholesale companies in the Czech Tobacco Corporation, PLC, active within the field of an independent retail market. Kamila Tišlerová was engaged in marketing and business activities even in company Drinks Union, PLC where she held the post of marketing director until 2000. 


In 2008-2013 she worked on the premises of following universities (The University of J. E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem and Technical University of Liberec) where she was engaged in theoretical studies of critical success factors of companies, studied marketing concepts and engaged herself in the management of relations with the customer. She is an author of many scholarly articles published in foreign journals, attends international scientific conferences and hosts at foreign universities (in Finland, Great Britain, and China). 

She obtained a fundamental economic education at the University of Economics, Prague; in her Ph.D. thesis, she later specialized in customer value creation (elaborated at the Technical University Liberec). 

She tries to interrelate theoretical knowledge with experience gained during her long-time managerial praxis and apply it in her lecturing and consultation activities - in founding and management of personalized courses for various companies, as well as when dealing with specific tasks of individual companies. To obtain, as far as possible, the best results of her students, she permanently improves in the latest methods of coaching. As a member of the Slovak Association of Coaches, she constantly undergoes further education and supervision within the field. 

All subjects are therefore aimed to enrich her students with knowledge and skills utilizable in their business in demanding enterprise and corporate environment. 

From her students, she expects a considerable willingness to work hard on themselves, for what, in turn, she helps them to reveal and awaken their hidden potential. 


“There is no free lunch.”

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