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Marian Stadler

Adjunct Professor of Management, HR Management, and Project Management


Marian Stadler is Vice President and Managing Director of Orifarm Supply s.r.o. active in the re-export of medicines to EU markets.


From 2003 to 2016 he worked in various leading positions in the automotive industry. From the position of director of the plant, he managed at various times the production of components for the manufacturers of passenger cars. In the last two positions, he was responsible for starting new production factories.


He obtained his engineering degree at the Technical University in Liberec in 2002. He obtained his next degree in the MBA study at the University of Economics and Management in Prague in 2010. He completed his education by defending his PhD thesis at LIGS University in 2017.


As part of his practice, he completed a professional Workmanship Training seminar in Japan in 2004. He has also completed a wide range of managerial education, pursuing new trends in modern leadership and managing manufacturing companies.


His main area of interest is the Toyota Production System and its application to practice, the management of manufacturing companies, lean manufacturing methods, the continuous improvement process.


As a lecturer, he prefers in the classroom an active attitude of students to study, a high level of autonomy and, on the other hand, the student's interest in questioning and clarifying the topics together with the lecturer.


His lecturer's goal is to pass on practical experience and knowledge to students so that they can apply them immediately to their practice.


"To live and try to lead others to live in natural humility to other people and nature."

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