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Mike Smith

Lecturer of Management and Global Marketing courses at LIGS


Mike co-founded Milewood Healthcare Ltd to support all stigmatized groups with complex needs.

Mike became Olympus Sport’s youngest retail manager supporting individuals within industry at 18 years old. He managed projects, recruited and retained staff teams from Sheffield to Cambridge. Mike increased turnover in all branches by more than 50%. However, he realized that qualifications were required to progress. Therefore, he returned to college.

Mike gained a degree in Education and Deaf Studies. He lectured at Derby College for the Deaf and supported Deaf Students at the Sheffield Colleges and Universities. Nevertheless, he wanted to work with Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and those with a Mental Health Diagnosis. He was employed by Oxfordshire County Council as part of a team to support 24 individuals from an institution into their own tenancies. Due to the successful conclusion of the project in Oxfordshire, he was utilized to develop numerous projects nationally.   

Mike is determined to ensure that everybody is treated with respect and dignity. In addition, he is adamant that all individuals should have the opportunity to achieve their goals. He has managed over 50 projects to ensure business success and outcomes for service users, tenants and staff. He undertook these tasks whilst completing the MBA and DBA.  

Mike co-founded Milewood Healthcare Ltd to support all stigmatized groups with complex needs in 2004. In addition, he co-founded Care Network Solutions, Pathway Homes, Milewood Care Services, Milewood Holdings, Untitled Properties Limited and Windrush. As a co-founder, director and partner Mike was instrumental in the organizations‘ ethics, marketing, project management and staff recruitment, selection and retention. 

In 2018, he retired from healthcare and consultancy. He currently invests in numerous projects. He is a member of Delta Mu Delta and The Bow Group.


He has two favorite mottoes:

"Virtue Mine Honour" (Clan Maclean) and "Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people." (Socrates)


  • Doctorate in Business Administration, Horizons University, Paris
  • Master of Art Degree, Sheffield University, Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies Centre, Faculty of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Arts Degreewith Honours, Wolverhampton University
  • Diploma in Management Studies, Cantebury University
  • Diploma in Business Coaching, Newcastle College 
  • Certificate in Outdoor Education, Sheffield Hallam University 
  • BTEC National Diploma, Managment, Sheffield Colleges
  • Training Within Indusrty Instructors Certifcate, Olympus 
  • International Accredited Nonviolent Crisis Intevention Instructor, Crisis Prevention Institute 

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