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Petr Ungerman

Independent marketing consultant


Petr Ungerman recently works as an independent marketing adviser and consultant. He began his professional career in marketing research in the company Pivovary Staropramen (Anheuser-Busch InBev). Later he moved to a brand marketing and for several years, as a brand manager, he ran the biggest marketing brand - Staropramen. He also managed a new visualization of a brand and development of Staropramen’s social media marketing in all channels including TV. 


In 2005 he moved to the company Opavia-LU; later Kraft-Foods, (nowadays Mondelez); where, as a marketing manager, he was responsible for a ten-membered team of brand managers for Opavia BeBe Good Morning, Opavia Brumik, Pims, Opavia Biscuits, Opavia Golden Biscuits and Opavia Colonnade. He managed international innovational projects for Bebe Good Morning with Yoghurt for Czech, French, and Belgian market; later innovated Bebe Good Morning Mini for markets in Central Europe. He was responsible for the introduction of brand Oreo in the Slovak & Czech market in 2011.

In 2011, as a marketing director, he moved to the category Chocolate (brands Milka, Figaro, 3Bit, and Siesta) where he worked for 4 years. Thanks to the strategy of brand Figaro, he turned the whole segment into the economic growth. Campaign Figaro was nominated for Effie Awards in 2013. With brand Milka, his team has been awarded several times for marketing campaigns, for example, by European Excellence Award 2014 for the best PR campaign in the region, and two times in The Czech PR Awards 2015 in categories B2C and Digital & Social Media. Peter managed a business which brought, both, in the segment Biscuits, later in the segment Chocolate, the net turnover over USD 10 million per annum.

The biggest achievement, Peter especially appreciates, is a fact that he had twice reversed the negative trend of development of brands, he was responsible for. For the first time, he succeeded with BeBe Good Morning in 2007 when he was awarded for a marketing campaign by bronze Effie Award. For the second time, he succeeded with the brand Figaro in 2013, which stood for a turnover after of long-standing fall, and resulted in the growth of the whole segment of Chocolates in the company Kraft-Foods. 

Peter completed several courses in coaching in the HR management, he later applied in human development tools. He appreciates the fact that many of his subordinates were promoted and nowadays hold important posts in many companies, particularly in FMCG. 

Peter graduated from the University of Economics, Prague and studied marketing at Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Norway, Bergen. He also completed a summer study program at the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna. 

As a lecturer, he co-operates with the University of Economics, Prague for a number of years (course International Marketing), and with the Marketing Club at University of Economics, Prague (lecture How to let communication of brand on YouTubers... 04/2015). In company Mondelez he was responsible for the project Marketing Talent of the Year (fourth edition for this year); prepared in cooperation with the University of Economics, Prague; where students’ teams are competing in a simulation of real businesses (tool StratX). 

As a lecturer, he prefers methods where he tries to point out a different point of view on the marketing utility and work with the brand. Marketing has often worse reputation than it really deserves... But anybody, who knows how to use it, can succeed in many things more+easily. 


“People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” (Simon Sinek)

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