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Zen Parry

Deputy Director Business Innovation Hub at the American University of Afghanistan


Zen is an experienced Entrepreneur and Educator-Practitioner, teaching what she has learned from an extensive, hands-on international career. Her corporate appointments include Senior, C-level and Executive roles in management, working with Boards of Directors and Managers in the For-profit and Non-profit sectors. Her entrepreneurial roles include starting and running businesses and providing advisory and consulting services in industry and education appointments.


As an Educator and Lecturer, Zen has designed and implemented business and entrepreneurship courses, internship and career development programs, always personally supporting graduates as they establish their first ventures or are crafting their professional pathways.

As a Mentor and Tutor, Zen continues to work closely with students who are often the first member in their family to pursue higher education, carrying the dreams and aspirations of their families. As a Researcher and Academic, Zen has written and presented extensively on “higher vocational education” as a model to incorporate real world experience into the academic context.

Throughout her career, Zen has worked in a range of economic models across Asia, the America’s and Australia, North Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. At the end of the day, her relationships are always focused on people as individuals, navigating together towards achieving their desired results.

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