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Why choose LIGS University?

  • Programs adjusted to the needs of adult students

    Online degree programs at LIGS University are ideal for busy professionals who work full-time and have no possibility to participate daily in traditional forms of education.

  • Start anytime you want

    You can enroll in the Interactive Online MBA, MSc, DBA and PhD programs at LIGS University anytime all year long. There are no terms or deadlines to follow. Come and join our community today!

  • Oxford tutorial model

    The basis of the Oxford tutorial model is the so-called "one-to-one" education. This means that the student is assigned a specific lecturer for each subject or module, with whom he or she consults the studies. The lecturer leads the student throughout the learning process including essay and final thesis writing. The Oxford tutorial model is based on active relationship between a lecturer (experienced professional) and a student, whom the lecturer provides with assistance and guidance throughout the process of development of knowledge and skills.

  • Programs in four languages or their combinations

    Thanks to our cooperation with LIGS University based in Prague, Czech Republic, the programs can be studied not only in English but also in Czech.

  • Wide variety of specializations

    The programs at LIGS University are provided in many specializations and offer a great variety of elective module courses. Apart from the courses that are compulsory for all students, everybody is free to choose other courses with respect to their interests and backgrounds.   

  • Interactive online form of all programs

    The interactive online form of programs respects lack of time that most of our students face. It is an ideal form allowing students to combine work, studies and family, and at the same time make the most of the possibilities for their personal and professional growth. 

  • Price accessibility of education

    The tuition of programs is flat rate and very reasonable. The mission of LIGS University is to provide high quality and accessible education for people all over the world. Additionally, students can pay the tuition in several installments.

  • High quality team of lecturers

    LIGS University lecturers are professionals with practice in their field of activity. The lecturers are international just like the students, and come from the USA as well as Europe, Asia or Australia. The international faculty adds to the diversity of approaches and enriches the variety of knowledge and skills passed to the students.

  • Student information system (SIS)

    The Student information system (SIS) makes the education accessible anytime from anywhere in the world. In the SIS, the students can find electronic course materials, study records, evaluation of seminar papers and theses, contact details of lecturers, chat, and much more.

  • Board of Trustees

    The Board of Trustees is responsible for maintaining the quality, integrity, development and financial stability of LIGS University. The Board consists of professionals from various fields of expertise and is truly international. Therefore, it guarantees the sustainable development of both the university and its programs.

  • Way-out from personal and professional stagnation

    Do you have the feeling of personal or professional stagnation? Do you feel that you are not moving forward as fast as you wish and that you haven’t you done anything for your personal development in a long time? Give yourself a way-out and study at LIGS University, where you can deeply enrich your professional experience.



How is studying at LIGS University going to enrich me?

  • Skills and knowledge immediately applicable into practice

    Everything you are dealing with during your studies can be applied into practice right away, be it written assignments, consultations with lecturers or webinars.

  • New information and know-how

    You will gain new information and experience from important and various topics that are beneficial to your career and business. You will also learn new trends and skills which will be useful in your everyday professional life.

  • Competitive advantage

    Competition is everywhere, in all areas and fields, and therefore it is necessary to fight it effectively. By studying at LIGS University you will reach the competitive advantage over others since you will be able to use and implement skills and acquired knowledge in your practice right away.

  • The chance for career advancement

    By increasing your professional skills, you are at the same time increasing the chance for career advancement, either in your current job or in finding a new one. It is not only a degree you will earn but brighter future as well!

  • Prerequisite for higher evaluation at work

    One of the prerequisites for obtaining a higher rating at work (whether it is financial or other evaluation) is increasing your qualification. And there is no doubt that earning a prestigious degree and education applicable to practice will lead to reward or promotion!

  • Quality university education

    Successful graduates of MBA, MSc, DBA and PhD programs earn a degree from American LIGS University.



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